Our Story

"The heart of my home and my fondest memories have always been at my dining table. When my family and friends gather each evening, the room truly comes alive - with laughter, conversation, and lots of love.

Through the simple joy of everyday eating and bringing people together, my table has become an opportunity for me to create new experiences - filled with the smallest details that beautifully transform each evening.

From a dream to a reality, I am delighted to share with you my labor of love, Plate and Peonie."

Anandita Kothari

At Plate and Peonie, we welcome you to a world of authentic and unique creations waiting to be discovered. Our tableware is thoughtfully handpicked from across the globe, with a vast collection that ranges from table linens to bar accessories, serveware to cutlery, and many more wonderful pieces ready to be unwrapped. With great passion, we are excited to share our catalogue of inspiration with you - stylised edits featuring everything from everyday dining accents & personal pleasures, to thematic tablescapes & gift guides. Let your imagination joyfully wander, as you explore the endless possibilities of using our products in different ways to set your tabletop at home. There's something for everyone to enjoy, for any meal of the day.

As we warmly open our doors for you, it's time to reimagine a new kind of happiness into your dining room. From everyday moments to milestone occasions - shop, share and style the plates & peonies that make your table, truly yours.​